Mandarin Private Classes

 I’m pretty happy cause yesterday I started attending private Chinese classes, in order to improve my spoken Mandarin skills, in a fine place in Yangzhou city. Keren’s English Saloon was introduced to me by a Chinese woman who I met last week during a night train trip from Shanghai to Yangzhou. She tried to speak in English with me, but her vocabulary was too limited. Good for me, for I could practice Mandarin with her and another engineering student guy who was going home, in Nanjing after had been one day in Shanghai for a speech about stocks held by a Taiwanese specialist.

Christina used to take part in an exchanging language group which is hold every night in a comfortable (excepted for not having heater) cultural den where one can buy or just borrow, for free, Chinese books chosen with a good criterion. It’s a pity that during wintertime not so many people are brave enough to leave their homes for joining this exchanging language group.


(To be continued)




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